Pillowlando MMX

I found out about this event just a few hours before the start of it, a friend had shown me the main page and since I had nothing else to do, decided to head out to it. It was a pretty fun event with around a 100 or so people ranging from young to old and in various states of dress. One women came in sleepware and her face in a beauty mask swinging wildly at the crowd of people while others just came as them selves. Some of the participants came prepared for battle with pillow armor and helmets while others formed teams to protect each other. Overall it brought a smile to my face to see people just out and having fun with random strangers and it really helped that it was an utterly gorgeous day. Before I left my house, it was partially overcast, but by time I reached Downtown Orlando, the clouds parted and a beautiful blue sky appeared. Check back, as I’ll be adding some stills from the event! Now for the offical blurb:

Crowds of people gathered in front of the Orlando County Regional History Center at 5pm Saturday, April 3rd to celebrate International Pillow Fight Day. After half-an-hour of fighting, the whistle to stop was finally blown leaving participants drenched in sweat. The overall event celebrated across the world featured random strangers gathering in cities as ar away as Accra, Ghanna to Zurich, Germany to create a massive pillow fight. Information about the event was primarily spread through social media sites: Twitter and Facebook,as well as a main webpage, www.pillowfightday.com.

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