New York, New York

I’ve had the fortune to live in the largest mega city in the world, Tokyo, Japan. It’s population bursting at the seams with a total population of over 35 million people in it’s metropolitan area and the greatest spending power for any metropolitan area in the world. Tokyo I thought was the be all end all of cites, everything one could ever hope for right there. That is until I finally went to New York. New York, specifically Manhattan may be less populated, but it’s skyscrapers and people are clustered even tighter than in Tokyo. Along the streets of Manhattan, visitors strain their necks to peer at all the towering skyscrapers. It’s inhabitants featuring every color of the rainbow. I was utterly amazed at how diverse the city was, where as in Tokyo or any other major city visitors will usually only hear one primary language spoken, in Manhattan, I could here anything and everything spoken through out the world. One minute I would pass by a group of people speaking Japanese, the next Spanish, and then the next English. The stores, restaurants, and various street food vendors also show this diversity. On any given block you can find multiple eateries catering to what ever end of the Earth you’re craving.  While I may have only had 36 hours in this amazing city, I loved every moment of it and cannon wait to visit the city that never sleeps again.

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