I went to the last showing of Avatar in 3D IMAX at Pointe Orlando, last night Tuesday, and I’ve never been more floored by a movie in my life. The visuals, the visuals, my god, are incredible. Cameron went beyond anything I’ve ever seen before in my life and taking it all in on an 80 foot wide IMAX screen just blew me away. To see Pandora in such detail and in 3d is unlike anything I’ve ever seen. The battle scenes and just pans showing the gorgeous alien landscape has really left me speechless, while Nolan’s, The Dark Knight, made extensive use of IMAX cameras, Cameron has really pushed everything to a whole different level. Also the story while featuring a plot that’s not very new, Cameron and the actors he chose for the roles do an incredible job of pulling audiences in and holding them on the edge of their seats. I know for one, me and my friends had a few moments where we were right on the edge of our seats rooting for the Na’vi. There are a few tear jerkers in the movie as well and I’m especially not one that gets emotional at movies. There were a few parts in the movie that seemed to make it draw on a little bit, but was soon remedied by either more fantastic shots of Pandoran scenery or intense action scenes. In all this is perhaps one of the best movie’s I’ve seen in quite a long time and had my jaw on the floor the entire time. Walking out the theater, myself and other film viewers all walked out with smiles on our faces and remarking just how good this movie is. If there is just one movie you see this year, make it this one and make sure to take it all in on a 3d IMAX screen. Ticket’s may be a bit pricey, but by all means, it’s worth it.

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