Hong Kong Architecture

With one of the most impressive skylines in  the world, Hong Kong is truly a visual play ground for the eyes. Hong Kong is one of the most densely populated places on earth and with it’s skyscrapers tower above your head, neon lights, and the sound of managed chaos everywhere, it is a completely disorientation and amazing city. I can see why Christopher Nolan choose Hong Kong and Two IFC for one of the key action scenes in The Dark Knight. Even after having lived in one of the worlds megacities, Tokyo and seen pictures of Dubai, I still firmly believe that Hong Kong possesses one of the most amazing and beautiful, skylines of the world. It may not have any record holders in terms of skyscraper heights but that doesn’t matter in the sheer amount of creatively designed skyscrapers in such a small and dense place.

[svgallery name=”hk_arch”]

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