East Side vs. Leon High School

One of my first time shooting high school football. Lighting proved to be incredibly difficult as the sun had already set and all I had to work with was the stadium lights. Trying to keep a decent ISO and shutter speed proved to be very tricky especially on the camera I had to use a Nikon D2h. While not a bad camera in any means, it’s low light preformance compared to newer cameras like the Canon 5D Mark II is absolutely horrible. Following the game at first seemed difficult as it was my first time shooting HS football and football in general I didn’t know how to track the ball especially as I was shooting with a 400mm. By the third quarter I started to get the feel of everything. Watch every single move of the quarter back I realized and with that I started making more and more images I was happy with. As for the game, East Side Highschool lost to Leon by 22-14.

[svgallery name=”hs_fb_eastside_092509″]

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