In the past 3 months, I’ve had quite a few changes happen in my life. Perhaps the biggest would be that I no long reside in America. I left Florida in mid-August to move to Seoul, South Korea, where I started work for the Seoul Metropolitan Office of Education as an English teacher. For the past few months I’ve been working along side a native Korean English teacher to teach almost one thousand students at a high school in Seoul. Having a regular 9-5 now has eaten up the free time that I used to have to just go out and shoot and not knowing the area or the language has proven to be quite an obstacle in getting back to shooting regularly. None the less, here’s a few of the images that I’ve taken in my time here. I’m hoping to start on two long term documentary ideas once I get more settled in and have a better grasp of everything going on around me.

2 Responses to Seoul

  1. Michael Demmons says:

    Ray, these photos are beautiful. There’s not one photo here that I don’t like!

  2. krissi says:

    This album is so esthetically pleasing to the eye…keep clickin. Never quit.

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