Winter Escape

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Winter in Korea gets cold…very cold. This year was no exception and not only did it get cold, but it broke records on just how cold and how snowy it was. As much as I like a nice little cold weather, dealing with low’s of 0 and below in Fahrenheit, and sliding around and hoping […]

Park Geun-hye Political Rally

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December in Korea is not only a time for bitter coldness as winter settles, but also a time for a young democracy to exercise its rights to vote. This year marks a fierce competition between Park Geun-Hye, conservative, Saenuri Party and Moon Jae-in, Democratic United Party. Park the daughter of a former dictator of Korea is currently leading the polls, […]

Seoul Architecture

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Seouls architecture ranges from the ultra modern to centuries old. It’s a city forged through hardship from constant invaders, famines, wars, and until a few decades ago, dictators. It’s a city that’s gone from a place where no one really knew about to one of the technology and cultural hubs of the world exporting cutting […]

Lake Toba

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Lake Toba or Danau Toba in Bhasa Indonesian is perhaps one of the most beautiful places I’ve been in my life. Located in the center of Sumatra is the worlds largest volcanic lake and home to a super volcano. It’s four hours away from the nearest big city of Medan. A trip to Lake Toba usually […]

Chinese New Years

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Needing a break from the usual grind in Seoul, I decided to book a vacation in South East Asia which also coincided with Chinese New Year. Unfortunately as I was to find out later, the main celebrations happen after the actual holiday which meant there wasn’t a lot going on and most stores were closed for the […]


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In the past 3 months, I’ve had quite a few changes happen in my life. Perhaps the biggest would be that I no long reside in America. I left Florida in mid-August to move to Seoul, South Korea, where I started work for the Seoul Metropolitan Office of Education as an English teacher. For the […]

An Ending: STS135 Landing

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As the wheels of space shuttle atlantis came to a stop on the runway at Kennedy Space Center, over 30 years of manned space exploration in perhaps the most bueatiful space vehicle comes to a halt. It was a highly emotional day for all, with many working on the space program loosing their jobs. Smiles […]