Space Shuttle Discovery Tour

This has by far been one of the most amazing experiences I’ve ever been able to capture. Not only was I allowed into the Orbiter Processing Facility, but was also invited to tour the inside crew cabin of space shuttle Discovery and see it’s inner workings. We had 15 minutes within the actual orbiter it self and wasn’t allowed to bring anything but our cameras inside of the shuttle. Before entering, we were given the chance to sign our names on the entrance to the orbiter, which I gladly did. In the photo with all of the signatures, my name is on the ceiling. Inside the crew compartment, it’s unbelievably small with very little space to move around in. How the astronauts can move around is beyond me. Anyways, below are the photos during my hour long tour of shuttle Discovery.


Santa Fe Fire

Went out today to cover the Santa Fe brush fire in Bradford Country, today with my friend Andrew Stanfill, the fire is abot 25% under control and so far has burned about 5,000 acres of land. Luck was on our side today, as we had no idea where to actually go to find where we could go, but happened to stumble upon a dirt road where a tv crew from jacksonville was waiting for the press information officer. After waiting for about 15 minutes, we were taken in by SUV to the fire line that the forestry department had created. Overhead was lone Huey helicopter dropping buckets of water on the fire and multiple bulldozers trying to clear out all of the brush. Forestry workers were busy lighting dead shrubs on fire in an effort to starve the advancing flames of fuel and to prevent it from jumping the fire lines.

Gainesville Lightning

I ended up shooting a decent lightning storm off in the distant tonight by my friends apartment. Unfortunately there was a lot of street lights and buildings in the way, but some of the shots still came out good.